Electric buses in Islamabad CDA change routes

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced significant changes to the initial routes of its electric bus service. In the first phase, the buses will not ply on the previously scheduled IJP to PIMS and Taramari Chowk to PIMS routes but will focus on urban areas.

The two revised routes will provide residents with convenient and eco-friendly transportation. The first route will connect NUST, Orange Line Depot, G-11 to PIMS Hospital with 13 stops along the way, while the second route will start from PIMS and end at Bari Imam.

The route will pass through G-7, G-6, Melody Market, Abpara, Ataturk Road, Serena Hotel, Foreign Office, Radio Pakistan and Diplomatic Enclave to Bari Imam. This service will run from 6 am to 10 pm and a bus will arrive every 10 minutes.

According to sources, the route change has been made due to the ongoing construction work on Park Road, due to which it was impractical to run buses on the Taramari Chowk to PIMS route in the first phase. However, the CDA transport wing has suggested a different route after the construction is completed.

Meanwhile, electric buses will operate from the Jinnah Convention Centre until a permanent bus depot is constructed. The electric bus service is expected to be launched after Eid-ul-Azha, with 30 out of 150 buses having already reached Islamabad.

The CDA imported these buses from China through the National Radio and Transportation Corporation (NRTC). This initiative is expected to significantly improve public transportation, providing convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly commuting options.

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