How to Make a Driving License in Pakistan

Obtaining a driving license is an important step for anyone who wishes to drive legally in Pakistan. Whether you are a new driver or someone who wants to upgrade their existing license, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to navigate the process smoothly.

1. Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for a driving license, you must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old for a motorcycle license and 21 years old for a car license.
  • Hold a learner’s permit for a minimum of 42 days.
  • Pass a medical test conducted by an authorized medical practitioner.
  • Complete a driving course at an approved driving school.

2. Learner’s Permit

The first step towards obtaining a driving license is to obtain a learner’s permit. Here’s how:

  • Visit your nearest Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) office.
  • Submit the required documents, including your national identity card (CNIC), medical fitness certificate, and proof of address.
  • Pay the prescribed fee.
  • Pass a written test on traffic rules and regulations.
  • Receive your learner’s permit, which allows you to practice driving under the supervision of a licensed driver.

3. Practical Driving Test

Once you have gained sufficient driving experience with your learner’s permit, you can proceed to the practical driving test:

  • Schedule an appointment for the test at your local DLIMS office.
  • Bring your learner’s permit, original CNIC, and any other required documents.
  • During the test, you will be evaluated on your ability to control the vehicle, follow traffic rules, and demonstrate safe driving practices.
  • If you pass the test, you will be issued a driving license.

4. Upgrading Your License

If you already hold a driving license for a specific category of vehicle and wish to upgrade to a higher category, follow these steps:

  • Visit your local DLIMS office and submit the required documents.
  • Pay the prescribed fee for license upgrade.
  • Pass the practical driving test for the desired category of vehicle.

5. Renewal of Driving License

Your driving license is valid for a specific period, usually 5 years. To renew your license, follow these steps:

  • Visit your local DLIMS office and submit the required documents.
  • Pay the prescribed fee for license renewal.
  • Undergo a medical test to ensure your fitness to drive.
  • Have your photograph and signature updated.

6. Lost or Stolen License

If your driving license is lost or stolen, you should take the following steps:

  • Lodge a complaint at the nearest police station and obtain a copy of the FIR.
  • Visit your local DLIMS office and submit the FIR copy along with an application for a duplicate license.
  • Pay the prescribed fee for the duplicate license.
  • Provide any additional documents as required by the DLIMS office.

Remember, driving without a valid license is illegal and can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. It is essential to follow the proper procedures and obtain a driving license to ensure your safety and compliance with the law.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the process of obtaining a driving license in Pakistan smoothly and legally.

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