Lahore introduces new e-challans for various traffic violations

Lahore has introduced an electronic challan (e-challan) system to address lane, stop line and zebra crossing violations. Fines for these violations are now being sent directly to the homes of offenders.

The initiative comes after Safe City cameras reported 73,000 violations in a day. Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO) Amra Athar stressed the need for strict lane discipline to ensure smooth traffic flow.

He said road markings and lane lines are being improved, and motorcyclists are being urged to drive in the far left lane.

CTO Athar also said that adherence to lane discipline would be particularly strict on model roads in Lahore. Data from a recent traffic monitoring session showed that there were 15,281 deliberate violations of traffic signals, 12,000 overspeeding cases and 3,000 one-way traffic violations.

In addition, more than 41,000 cases of lane and stop line violations were reported. According to reports, so far this year, e-challans have been issued to 700,000 vehicles in Lahore for not following lane discipline.

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