You can buy the world’s fastest go-kart for less than the price of a Suzuki Swift

Why buy the boring regular when you can buy the generic one? The world’s fastest jet-powered go-kart that costs less than a Suzuki Swift? Currently available for sale in Kansas for $15,000 (roughly Rs. 41 lakhs), this go-kart has set a Guinness World Record for its astonishing speed, which was achieved on October 8, 2021.

Built by Skyler January, the jet-powered go-kart achieved a record-breaking speed of 184.4 kilometers per hour (kph). This impressive feat was powered by two Kingtech K450G4 jet engines that produce 99 pounds of thrust. Any attempt to go faster would have required an afterburner, which would have voided the engine warranty.

It took Jan 18 months of intensive research to create this speed demon. His studies included the intricacies of jet engines, the principles of drag coefficients, and the specifics of go-kart platforms. Before settling on a go-kart design, Jan tested the jet engine on a moped, which averaged a fuel economy of just 0.4 kilometers per liter.

Building the go-kart was a family affair, with Jan, his father, and his brother devoting an additional six months to completing the project. The resulting vehicle is not only a marvel of engineering, but a testament to their dedication and collaborative effort.

The purchase includes a Guinness World Record certificate, a shifter kart frame and two gently used jet engines. For those interested in even more jet-powered adventures, Jan is willing to negotiate the sale of the original moped used in his early tests. That means potential buyers can cruise around town in two unique, jet-powered machines.

This sale presents a rare opportunity for speed enthusiasts to own a piece of history and experience the thrill of jet-powered acceleration. However, given the extreme nature of the vehicle, a strong sense of adventure and perhaps a bit of caution is advised.

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